Taconic's John Blair speaks at Brooking's Institute: Do EHR Challenges Outweigh the Benefits? 

Taconic Professional Resources: Our Story

Better health, better care—and a more satisfying practice experience for patients and providers.

Taconic Professional Resources (TPR) leverages the healthcare value to create a better Hudson Valley health care workforce and an environment that supports quality improvement and effective healthcare utilization principles and practices to the larger community.  We have expanded our reach to bring transformation, professional training and role based workflow optimization to any organization that aspires to become a patient-centered medical home and/or part of the extended medical neighborhood.


Our expertise in advanced primary care is based on lessons learned and years of work with groundbreaking programs and with proven results, including functioning as the Regional Learning Faculty for the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative out of CCMI, the Geisinger ProvenHealth® Navigator program and NCQA recognized patient centered medical home transformation. During the latter project, we created and implemented a unique, practice-based approach designed for an open community, illustrated in our successful work to assist hundreds of primary care practitioners to achieve NCQA Level 3 medical home recognition.


Because our focus is real transformation and healthcare value, we’ve taken this work even further by creating a unique embedded RN care manager program--comprehensive in its approach to recruitment, training and supervision of qualified RN case managers. Research has shown the difference that transformation, practice optimization and chronic care management can make to enhance quality and decrease unnecessary utilization. These findings demonstrate that our services strengthen the team, streamline care, improve patient outcomes and enhance workflows.


Tap into TPR’s expertise—for you, for your staff, and for your patients.

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